Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Week 2 went out with a wiggle, I finally got the elusive Otter Dance captured on video. Here it is performed by 140 kindergartners and their teachers from Berks County.

Another awesome thing about libraries. Their trophy cases are filled, not with trophies, but with books! and fuzzy animal friends. The croc on the bottom has teeth that zip up.

It's been really cool to see all the different creative ways that the librarians decorate the library with Bernard themed art. These Z's go on for 20 feet.
Also the tiles on the wall were created by kids and they are visual depictions of the Dewey Decimal catalogue.


  1. My daughter had a chance to read this book! She even said "Bernard needs a snore doctor, just like Daddy!" (And after that, we really did consult a doctor.) Thank you for such an awesome children's book!

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    1. I love attending an even like this with my kids! Looks awesome. And Jim I feel for you its not easy, my snoring got out of control and me and my wife had major problems, I ended up with one of those ZQuite Device worked out pretty well. Good luck Jim :)