Friday, April 20, 2012


Over the top event at Newlonsburg Elementary! Thank you to Carol and everyone involved. This was next level!

                                       Each of the five Pre-k's arrived as a different animal from the book.

           There were even real (stuffed) PA river otters courtesy of the PA Game Commission.
                          Hopefully I will get more photos os the amazing murals the kids made.


A Raft of otter puppets waits to get back on the bus. 
All this and I got to hold an actual Giraffe Phalanges, it weighed like 25 pounds. Apparently they can kill a lion with one kick?

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  1. My son is a Newlonsburg Church preschool student who attended the meet the author event last week. He was so excited to attend the Welcome to Kindergarten program at the Childrens Museum to once again hear his now new favorite story. Thank you for giving our family a new topic to discuss and in a forum we love - as zoo lovers, Bernard is a welcome and familiar friend! Thank you Zachariah :)