Thursday, April 12, 2012



Yesterday was unprecedented. Not only was it National Bookmobile Day, I had the privilege of reading Bernard to 650 kindergartners from Upper Darby.

It was also the debut of the "Otter Dance", a dance that is sweeping kindergartens across the state. Actually it's a free-for-all wiggle dance based on the 45 King 900 Number break. You may recall this as the Ed Lover Dance from the golden age of Yo! Raps.

Sounds amazing right?

Sadly, I pressed the wrong button on my phone and stopped recording 350 kids dancing the otter dance, I'm hoping someone there has a video and I can post it later.

But I DO have this amazing video of the Bernard song that the kids sang for me! Talk about  Warm and Fuzzy!

Thanks to Charlotte Ryan for hosting and the amazing goody bags, including some official Sellers Memorial Free Public Library  Bernard Tees!

Also thanks to Charlotte's daughter Sarah, an up and coming illustrator herself, for handpainting all these Bernard banners.


  1. Woah... that IS an awesome day...

  2. That is awesome.

    Also, wanted to let you know we got your book yesterday from our local library (Bellefonte, PA). It's a really cute book. Both my 3 year old and 5 year old really enjoyed it. I did as well.


  3. Hi there! I am a teacher at the Kindergarten Center in Upper Darby and I do have "The Otter Dance" on video!! My principal gave me your email address today, so I will send it to you! Thank you so much for an amazing day!! Our students are still so excited about having their own copies of Stop Snoring, Bernard! and they continue to sing the Bernard song.

    Geri Sullivan