Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Children's Review: Stop Snoring, Bernard!

Really Nice review for Bernard at Shelf Awareness! Yeayy!! A quote and the whole review at the link below.

"This is a crowd-pleaser sure to send youngsters clamoring for more from snoring Bernard".--Jennifer M. Brown

Children's Review: Stop Snoring, Bernard!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Along with this beautiful day off of the winter doldrums. Bernard received a good review from Kirkus Reviews.

Here's one of the nice things they said:

"The strong visuals and patterned text, with “Stop Snoring, Bernard!” a thrice-repeated refrain, add up to an inviting, pleasant read-aloud—irascible giraffe notwithstanding—for one-on-one or group sharing. An artist to watch." -Kirkus Reviews

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Well, one copy is anyway. And it looks amazing! Can't believe it! I've been reading the softcover readers copy to Oskar some nights. And he always refers to it as "Daddy's Magazine" And I explained to him that it will turn into a real book someday with a hardcover and all just like his other books.
About a month later he pulls it out and says "Look Daddy, its getting harder! Its turning into a real book!"
Can't wait tonight to slip this onto his shelf and have him "discover" it. Daddy can do ANYTHING even turn magazines into books!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Found out this morning that Bernard received his first review from Publishers Weekly.
And they have some pretty nice things to say. Yay!

Stop Snoring, Bernard!
Zachariah OHora, Holt, $16.99 (32p) ISBN 978-0-8050-9002-4
Bernard is a sweet, fuzzy fellow who sails around belly-up in his zoo's otter pool, but he snores during naptime--"Snore somewhere else, Bernard," says his fellow otter, Grumpy Giles--and he can't find a place to sleep that doesn't disturb his zoo mates. Gentle text and a low-key story line allow debut talent OHora to put lots of energy into his spreads. Half-naïf, half-funky acrylic paintings look a lot like woodblock prints; forms are simple, figures are cheerfully hatched and outlined with big black lines, and squared-off letters appear in big speech balloons. OHora has plenty of good ideas about how to use space. When Bernard tries sleeping in the zoo fountain, the giraffes who tell Bernard to stop snoring have necks so long that they exit the top of the page and re-enter on the opposite page. And when a huge alligator leaps out of the lake Bernard's sleeping in with a "STOP SNORING, BERNARD!" his open mouth, the mouths and tails of smaller alligators behind him, and Bernard's waving arms and legs set up a lovely visual rhythm. A promising debut. Ages 3–7. (Apr.)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


If you are here and reading this, then you already know that the blog, has been moved from Tumblr to Blogspot.  This is a rare snapshot of Bernard's mum she comes from a generation of otters that don't take too kindly to getting their photo graphed.